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Несколько слов о моей карьере

2019—настоящее время: ОАО «РЖД» — Владелц продукта, 2017—2019: ООО «Онпоинт» — Дизайн лид, 2015—2017: РА «РОССТ» — digital дизайнер, 2005—2015: многочисленные агентства, студии и работа на стороне клиента (расскажу при встрече)

About 6 years ago I've shifted from design path to product ownership and design management career paths — totally love this decision

Yet, I do design stuff — both UI and work in different UX roles
Product ownership
Grow products from first concept to MVP and further
Lean approach, Agile methodology, SCRUM framework
UX/UI design
Inspire, prototype, test and implement
Bring ideas to life
Developer hand-off
CX, CustDev
Reveal business user's needs
Map everything
Run experiments
Product owner • Russian railways
Production of HR tools like career portal and online learning platform for Russian Railways from sketch to fully-functional product
Design Lead • OnPoint
Prettiest and most WOW as long as techy and effective promo materials (apps, presentations, clm stuff) in Russia. And I trully believe in this point: their product could compete in world championship league then
Digital Designer • ROSST
Just design everything ASAP and monitor contractors ASAP and do ten more things ASAP — typical agency employee's day totally explained in one line
Design Lead • Salon
Mobile app interface design, web app design, prototyping and sketching. Multidisciplinary design experience — from digital ads and UI/UX tasks to some sort of industrial design and promo/event design
Here are some steps, I've taken to get here (in reversed order)

In 2019 my priorities shifted to product ownership, team development, design leadership. New passion: winning tenders. Design and production management of HR-portal for Russian Railways with a team of geniuses

Since 2017 my new two passions are project management and digital production management — managed various teams. Joined ROSST advertising agency team in 2015 and totally reloaded my experience as designer. Finished Interaction Design at University of California, San Diego. Updated my skills of html/css/js at Microsoft №20480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.

As a fun fact — I've designed and prototyped a touch screen interface for Sochi 2014 olympic development contractor with only one hand due to other been broken.

In 2006 I've graduated at МЭСИ as a CIVIL LAW bachelor (since 2015: Российский экономический университет имени Г.В. Плеханова), which I assume is a best starting point for any type of design/leadership career.

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